Looking to See if You Are Ready for Pets?

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Looking to See if You Are Ready for Pets?
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Owning pets isn’t all fun and games; in fact, sometimes it’s no fun at all. When it comes to finding your first pet, it’s easy to overlook pet responsibility. For example, in 2019, pet owners spent $74 billion on their furry friends.

In this article, we discuss our top pet-owning steps to determine whether you are prepared for a new addition to your home. Continue reading to find out how to become pet-ready.

What’s Your Lifestyle?

Are You Ready to Own a PetBefore jumping into owning pets, decide if both you and your home are pet-ready. To do this, take a moment to think about your lifestyle. Are you a homebody or are you someone who spends more time out than in?

Even the most self-sufficient pets require some level of attention and care. One of the most forgotten aspects by pet owners is that pets want and need quality time with their owners. That means frequent walks and play.

If there are long periods of time where your pet will be home alone, avoid adopting highly social pets like cats and dogs and opt for fish instead.

Then, think about your home. Do you have enough room for the type of pet you want? They often take up more room than you expect once you’ve amassed all of the necessary supplies.

Do You Understand Pet Responsibility?

Next on our list of pet-owning steps is understanding pet responsibility. This includes financial responsibility, which is another common factor overlooked by would-be pet owners. They get stuck on the fun idea of pet portraits, which you can find online, and forget that it’s not always easy.

Pets are expensive regardless of whether they are healthy or sick. If you can’t afford to get a dog spayed/neutered, attend annual exams, and pay for medical care if they become sick, then you can’t afford a dog.

There are so many more costs involved with pet ownership than just the adoption fee, some food, and a few toys. This includes fish and reptiles, which also need to be treated by a veterinarian when they fall ill.

Consider Compatibility

You might have grown up with the notion of your ideal pet, but don’t forget to consider whether your ideal pet is truly ideal for you. If you want a hyper, vocal, albeit semi-destructive pal, then a husky is a great choice.

If, on the other hand, you want a self-sufficient pet that may or may not want your attention, then a cat is a far preferable option.

However, don’t rule out individual pet personalities either. Just because cats have a reputation for being aloof, that doesn’t mean your cat won’t want to constantly be in your presence.

Be Ready for Forever

A pet is a forever responsibility. This includes moving, having children, and dealing with destructive and behavioral issues. Your ideal pet may not turn out to be as perfect as you expect, but they’re still your responsibility.

For this reason, it’s essential that you do your research and be prepared for all of the potential imperfections a pet may have. At the end of the day, you’re all they know and it’s your job to make them a safe, forever home.

Get Ready for Owning Pets

The most important takeaway is that owning pets isn’t always fun and games. They’re easy to love and fun to have around, but they come with a lot of responsibility and needs.

You’re ready for your first pet responsibility if you’re ready for the hard times and ready to make a permanent commitment.

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