7 Signs You Need to Pet a Bird

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7 Signs You Need to Pet a Bird

Do you feel lonely at your place? The simplest solution to overcome this problem is to own a pet. But some of you have second thoughts because of the shortage of space and funds. Well, no need to worry about this. A bird might be a perfect pet for you. They are easy to keep and pleasant to one’s sight.

Moreover, they are very entertaining. Are these reasons enough to own a bird? Well, the following are some signs you need to pet a bird:

Do Not Require Much Maintenance

Keeping a bird as a pet is not expensive compared to raising other animals, like a dog or a cat. Also, unlike those four-legged animals, birds are flexible in terms of diet. They will happily have whatever you offer them, even if it’s just some seeds.

Furthermore, you don’t have to spare time for taking them for morning walks. Just buy a spacious cage for your birds and let them fly inside it freely. However, make sure the holes or grills of their cage are not too wide. Otherwise, they can escape or make your home messy. But make sure to clean their cage timely. If it is dirty, it can cause a risk of spreading respiratory diseases or other health problems.

Moreover, birds don’t need much grooming. They will preen their feathers themselves to retain their shine. So, you do not have to spend money on expensive shampoos, haircuts, or flea baths. All you have to do is trim their nails timely and make them shower once a week.

pet-a-bird-2The Intelligent Pet

Surprisingly, birds are very intelligent creatures. So, it is pretty easy to train them. Moreover, it is fun to interact with them while training. Their training process is simple. They only need your love and affection to get accustomed to you. In addition, certain birds mimic humans. For instance, parrots copy the way you speak or even sing.

They are smart species, so you will love to see them around you. Watching them learn new things will surely entertain you a lot. But always remember that though training a pet bird is easy, they need timely care and attention from you.

If you do not interact with them daily or do not give consistent lessons, they will develop emotional problems. Due to emotional breakdown, they can have harmful behaviors.

Inspiring Artwork at Home

While designing your home, you might have hung different art pieces related to flowers, birds, beaches, or mountains on the walls. However, when you look at those stunning bird wall prints displayed on your walls, you get inspired to keep a bird. So, why delay? Become a bird owner. In this way, you will not get disheartened that you don’t have your pet bird when you see the bird wall art at home.

Grow and Flourish in Small Spaces

If you have a small living space, don’t worry. Some bird species like canaries or budgies are perfect pets for limited space. Large pets like dogs or cats require extra space to play, but small birds just need a cage to fit and enjoy easily. So, your home will not feel cramped.

Moreover, some landlords also impose monthly fees on tenants who own a big pet. But by keeping a bird, you can save that money. So, petting a bird is the most economical choice for tenants. Last but not least, you don’t have to worry about sound. Sometimes neighbors get disrupted by the sound of big pets. But the sound level produced by birds is relatively low.

Reduce your Mental Stress and Keeps Sharp Mind

Do you feel mentally exhausted? If yes, you must pet the bird. When you play or talk with the bird, it will help you reduce your stress level. Also, it allows you to decrease your blood pressure. So, keeping a bird is a perfect solution for a healthy body and mind.

The best way to relax after a tiring day is to cuddle or play with your pet. You can perform all your household activities and interact with them by making your pet bird sit on your shoulder. In addition, birds help you to keep your memory and mind sharp.

Your mental health might start slowing down with age, and you do not learn much. As a result, it leads to a risk of getting affected by dementia. So, it would be best to teach and train your pet. In this way, you will keep using your mind correctly and have a sharp mind. Brain exercise is the best way to keep a sharp mind and lower stress.

pet-a-bird-1Social and Entertaining Nature

Birds are socially very interactive creatures. But this trait depends on the bird’s breed and the training you give to your pet. Birds show their affection in unique ways to make you happy. For example, they sing beautiful melodies to wish you good morning.

Sometimes, they sing sad songs to show they feel sad when you leave work every day. But, they also welcome you home by singing happy songs. However, you must have a good bonding with your pet bird to achieve these beautiful gifts from them.

Companion with Long Life

Are you afraid of losing your companion? If yes, pet a bird. Unlike dogs, birds have a reasonably long life. It means you don’t have to worry about losing your friend. Also, you don’t have to deal with the grief of not having a pet. Pet birds are life-long companions. Some of the species of birds can also outlive you. Some of them even live for more than 100 years.

Bonus Tips

Birds have different traits or personalities, depending on their breed. So, petting a bird is not only about the initial purchase. But you have to also take care of them properly. Furthermore, it would be best to buy one from a compassionate and legal breeder.

Do proper research while getting a bird as a companion. Do not end up with a wild bird. It would be best if you adopt a rescue bird. They will be more rewarding when you pamper them.



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