When do chihuahuas stop growing

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When do chihuahuas stop growing

If asked about any small dogs that you know about, your answer will most likely be “Chihuahua”. Despite the breed being quite smaller than your typical dog, they are so adorable that they might make you instantly love them. If you decide to adopt this kind as a pet, you should not expect him or her to weigh more than 6 pounds as an adult.

That should, however, not raise any concerns, since that is considered normal for the breed. That being the case, you might be questioning how big your dog shall grow, or generally when your Chihuahua’s development will reach an end. Well, most tiny dogs tend to mature fast, with some of them being close to adulthood in only 8 or fewer months.


Factors affecting the growth of a Chihuahua

The following factors will influence the growth pattern of your pooch, so it’s better to consider them if you want to give him a chance to grow fully:

1. Nutrition

Since puppyhood, you must be very cautious of what your Chihuahua is fed, as that will directly affect his growth into adulthood. As such, it is advisable that you supply nutritious, premium dog food that should be well balanced to cater to the different requirement of the body while it grows.

Forget not, that you must steer clear of flavors, fillers, preservatives, and leftovers. Leftovers are not suitable for your pooch as they sometimes lead to toxicosis, as well as other health issues. Proper nutrition helps the dog grow excellently, so be sure to get the best food for him.

2. Exercising

High activity levels are crucial, not only for Chihuahuas but every other dog breed, since they promote better health in general. Regular exercising for dogs goes a long way in regulating metabolism and appetite, keeping the lungs, heart, and other vital organs healthy, and so forth.

It does not have to be intense exercises. You can opt for tug-of-war (has to be a toy), fetch, a walk in the neighborhood, or any other activities that will keep your Chi active and healthy. Exercising your Chihuahua as he grows helps him/her attain optimal growth patterns, becoming strong and healthy.

3. Vaccination

Keeping your furry friend protected against life-threatening diseases will give him the chance to grow without any interruption. Diseases affect your pet significantly and can delay their growth so that your dog looks underdeveloped after using most of the nutrients and energy to regain his health. Ensuring that Fido is vaccinated and healthy gives him the chance to make the most out of the nutrients he gains.

4. Oral care

Another essential factor to consider is your pet’s dental health since that makes him stay comfortable whether eating or playing with toys to keep active. Good dental hygiene is supposed to be part of the general health of your pooch, so take care of that too, to give him the support he needs to attain the optimal growth level.


Chihuahua growth stages

When do chihuahuas stop growingThe growth stages of your dog matter a lot as far as their growth is concerned and being well versed about these steps you know when to expect him or her to stop growing. Even though most Chihuahua owners feel a bit confused when by the fast maturity of their dog, you need to acknowledge that this breed grows differently compared to others.

The only way to be sure of the rate that your Chihuahua should grow with is to consider his pedigree, and at the same time know that some physical attributes will mostly be hereditary. Nonetheless, the following stages should give you an idea of how your Chihuahua is supposed to grow:

1. Newborn stage

A baby Chihuahua will be born weighing more than just a few ounces, but that should not make you think that the pup will most probably have stunted growth. As mentioned earlier, this breed tends to grow quicker than any other, giving them the ability to attain twice her size in a few weeks.

2. Puppy Chihuahua

Your pup can grow to his expected adult size in the first year, even though he will go through weight loss and gain series, which should not worry you.

You can, however, conduct checks on the pup to detect any growth rate or weight changes should there be any. Should you notice during the initial weeks that the pup’s size is not increasing both in weight and height, contact a vet to have the pet checked.

3. 1 to 1½ year

The breed grows fast, as you already know, but this is the period when your furry friend will most likely experience a halt in their growth. When you notice the chest of your dog begin to widen, that should signify that he has finally transitioned into adulthood.

To be more precise, you will see the body of your Chi start to lean out within the first 6 months, and as he gets into adulthood, his body starts getting sleek and lean. That range might, however, be affected by several other factors leading to a slight change.


The ideal weight of a Chihuahua

One astonishing fact about Chihuahuas is that puppies are heavier than adults because they have extra fat to keep their bodies warm. Being a tiny dog breed, Chihuahuas don’t carry a thick fur coat, which is what keeps most dogs warm.

As for the ideal weight, you should be relieved to hear that the dog breed doesn’t have obesity issues that might make you want to watch out for weight gain. It’s very rare to hear about health difficulties as a result of excess weight in Chihuahuas.

You must, however, watch out for such unwanted weight gain as the pup is growing, and if it comes up, the best way to deal with it is to exercise him/her as much as you can.


So, when do Chihuahuas stop growing?

Chihuahuas stop growing from 1 to 1½ years, so you can be sure that the dog has fully grown when he is 1½ years old. That, however, will be determined by various factors, genes being one of them.

Nevertheless, the only way to tell that your Chi is growing as expected is to watch out carefully for changes. If you notice that he has a suspicious growth pattern, you might want to involve a veterinarian who can determine whether or not your pet is doing well.


In summary

Everyone who has adopted a Chi in their home will have to worry about the growth of the dog at least once in a while, but that is normal. The only thing you need to know is that once your pet has become an adult, he or she will stop growing in size. During the first few months, expect vigorous growth, and this is when you have to consider the above-listed factors that affect the growth of your Chi. As long as you take good care of the pet, you won’t have to worry about their growth.

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