10 Out Of The Box Ways To Memorialize Your Beloved Dog

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10 Out Of The Box Ways To Memorialize Your Beloved Dog
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The best pal of mine phoned me last week and asked whether I would accompany him to his loyal dog’s funeral. It is never easy to say goodbye to a cherished friend, and then the days following: the home is calmer. We really missed our beloved dog after their funeral.

Perhaps we feel weird, even sad, thinking of a new pet in the family after losing the previous one. They cannot be replaced, but we must continue—perhaps the type of closure commemorating is necessary.


Any relationship is unique. For example, the loss of a cherished dog is a disastrous period in the life of any dog owner. The same goes for other pets.

We must remember our pets. In this context, we will be trying to show you some dog memorial Ideas, so that you can learn how to memorialize your beloved dog after their death.


What Is the Purpose of Remembering Your Dog?

You have noticed that with your pet you can have the best loving relationship. If people can relate with the pets like their own children then it is very important to remember them after their death. People cannot throw away the memories of their pets after their passing away.

So, you should show respect for their memories. You can remind the good memories with your dog. That helps you to feel comfortable and happy. Moreover, it will be an injustice if your dog won’t get any remembrance after his passing away.


10 Out Of The Box Ways To Memorialize Your Beloved Dog

1. Tooth Jewelry

Ways To Memorialize Your Beloved DogYou can have several kinds of jewelry with your dog’s tooth. Molding the dog’s tooth before creating the silver replica you can use that as your jewelry. You can also make the pendants of the teeth setting into the glass or resin.

You can find lots of ideas to make these kinds of jewelry memorials. You can contact the jewelry shops or those who make the tooth jewelry.

2. Making Ash Diamond

Making ash diamond is one of the effective pet memorial ideas. Many companies nowadays are making the diamonds of your dog’s ashes.

You can choose the size and color or you can make the special sizes of the jewelry if you want. Here, heating the carbon with the high temperature, the carbon component is used to make the Ash Diamond.

3. Cloning Your Dog

This the revelationary invention that you can clone your dying dog. You need just have the leaving DNA of your dead dog to rebirth the clone one. Though it is expensive it is an effective process to keep your loving dog alive. In the USA, you need $50,000 to clone your dog.

4. Planting A tree

Every dog has a favorite place to get rest. You can plant a tree that place after dying to remember it. When you will take care of the tree you can feel that your dog is around with you.

If it is indoors then you can use the pot to plant the tree. Also, you can use the ashes of your dog as fertilizer to grow the plant healthy. Your dog’s energy then can convert to the tree’s energy. Isn’t it satisfying!

5. Dog Portraits

Ways To Memorialize Your Beloved DogYou can create a dog portrait from a photo! Your loving four-legged friend will be forever cherished and remembered this way.

This portrait can be a memorial for your whole family. Hanging on the wall or keeping the portrait on your bedside desk can be a great and sweet memory for your sweet dog.

6. Donating Funds

Donating to remember your four-legged dead buddy would be the best memorials. You can donate to the other animals who are neglected and abused by bad people. Around the world, you will find many volunteer organizations that help this kind of animal.

The organizations need much support from us. So, you can donate them to make the best memorial for your loving dog.

7. Rescuing Any Pet

Rescuing Any PetYou will be amazed to know that 6 to 8 million pets need to enter the U.S. shelter every year. You can rescue them from the animal shelter at your own cost. These animals can get the best care ad love from the new owner by the best job of yours to rescue them. for the memorial for your dog, you can do this every year.

8. Book Of Life

For your dead dog, you can make a Book Of Life. Do you know what is a Book Of Life? It is a simple book of the photo collection. If you have photos of your dog you can create this amazing book with great memorable photos. With every photo, you can write some memorable thoughts and incidents that will keep the memory alive.

9. Making A Website

Nowadays websites or blogs are a very popular medium to reach people. So, why don’t you use these for making the memorial for your dog? You need to just be so loving to put words on this medium. Whatever you want to tell the people you just need to write. Many developers company provide simple design-made websites. You need to buy one of them and keep writing.

10. Designing The Urn

If you cremate your dog then you can keep the ashes of your cremated dog in a well-designed urn. It would be one of the best memorial things for your dog. Many cementing companies now provide this facility.



Do dogs know you love them?

Yes they can sense your love. And they reply this love many of gestures and behaviors.

How do you freeze a dead pet?

You can directly use a freezer to freeze a dead pet. You need to just wrap the pet’s whole body with a towel or bags to put in the freezer within 24 hours.

Can I taxidermy my dog?

Here are some problems with taxidermy pets. Many taxidermists don’t want to or cannot do the taxidermy pets.

How much is it to clone a dog?

You need $50,000 in the USA for cloning a dog. It differs for the different types of animals.


Final Thoughts

Finally, you should have the proper idea for your dog memorials after reading us. We are confident that you don’t have the asking that “how to make a memorial for my dog” anymore.

Among the 10 superb ideas, you can choose any of them. Every idea is better than others. We know the importance of dog memorial ideas for your emotions and love. So, choose one and remember your four-legged buddy as he was alive.

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