9 things you should know before adopting a rescue dog

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9 things you should know before adopting a rescue dog
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You must be that animal lover who wishes to offer an abandoned dog a cozy and comfortable home. While your intentions may be right, you should not make this decision in excitement, but give yourself enough time to contemplate if this the right step for you. Here are a few things you should consider before adopting a rescued dog and bringing it to your home.

1. Take time to decide

things you should know before adopting a rescue dogThere is no rush. Adopting a dog is a huge responsibility, and you should be up for it. When you think about adoption, it may seem like a great idea, but just sleep on it for a few days to make sure you do not have a change of heart. These rescue dogs have been mostly abandoned by their previous owners; hence they may already have separation anxiety.

If you adopt one and abandon it again, the issue will only increase. Hence think clearly about what you want to do. If you still feel this is what you want to do, then contemplate a few other important things.

2. Talk to your family

This seems to be a standard routine, but several people tend to surprise their family with a dog. Well, cats are in general attached to one person in the family; hence even if others ignore them, they are ok. Dogs are the opposite and seek love. This only means just one member loving a dog will not be enough for him or her as they tend to seek love from everyone.

If not, all members are on-board, it is not advisable to get a dog home immediately. Especially rescue dogs need more love and care, and if a few family members are not on board, it is not a good idea for both you and the dog.

3. Make sure you can afford the expenditures

Adopting a dog is free, but you have to spend money feeding the dog, taking it to the vet, buying them toys, and several other things. Some breeds need more maintenance than others. Do some research to figure out the dog that would work best for you. Also, the rescue agency will have information on any persistent health conditions of the canine so that you make an informed decision.

4. Analyze if you have the time to work with adopted dog issues

Rescue dogs mostly have some baggage that they may drag along; hence you may need more time in your hands to help them get over the past. If you are ready to take that responsibility, only then sign up for this.

5. Mind the size

Rescue agencies, in general, have all breeds of dogs with them. Before you even find your dog, decide the size of the dog you can take care of. Your living conditions matter to make such a decision. If you live in an apartment, go for smaller breeds, but a large breed like Great Dane or Bernese mountain dog rescues is also a good idea if you have a backyard.

6. Know the dog’s temperament

You will not be taking home a new puppy, but a dog that has had a traumatic experience, maybe. A few dogs may be tough to train, owing to their past experiences. Understand the dog’s temperament and analyze if you could work with it before adopting it.

7. The transition from shelter to home will not happen immediately

things you should know before adopting a rescue dogAdopting a dog is a joy, but the animal is new to the environment you are willing to offer. They are also unsure if it is permanent or temporary due to their previous history. Initially, for a few nights, the dog will only fear separation anxiety each time you move out of sight. They may act differently from time to time till they are sure you are their permanent parents.

In fact, if you have taken the dog’s history from the shelter home, their behavior may not catch the description. Do not worry; this is just a temporary phase. The dog can get excited and jumpier than usual. This is just temporary till they blend in your home, As you gain their trust, they will make your life much easier.

8. They may take their sweet time to adjust to being around your other pets

If you are an animal lover and are a parent to more pets, then a shelter dog may not be immediately comfortable around so many other pets. You may assume that as the dog has lived with several other dogs, they may feel comfortable but that is not the case: A dog is really a sensitive animal and, in a shelter, they mostly feel a lack of love.

As they enter a new household, if they do not get your full attention initially, they may find it as a new shelter and will remain aloof. Shower extra love to make them feel welcomed. Maybe introduce them to your other pets after a week or two till they are ready. It will take time, but gradually they will learn to live with other pets.

9. Think twice if you have a kid at home

Kids tend to play brought with pets as they are over-excited. You may show patience with the dog, but your kid may get over-friendly too soon. While dogs love kids, but as this is a shelter dog, based on the history, they may not be that comfortable being around anyone for a few days. Either make sure that your kid is introduced to the dog slowly or get a dog with a history of being friendly with kids. This is important for the safety of the canine and your child.


Bottom line

Just getting a dog home from a dog rescue agency is not going to help the animal. You should be sure you can take care of the animal, or else you will have to abandon the dog again, which is not good for its mental status. These abandoned animals deserve a loving home, and if you are sure you can give that to the dog, you are ready to become a pet parent.



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