How to Pick the Collar of a Perfect Size

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How to Pick the Collar of a Perfect Size
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The perfect size of the dog’s collar is highly important for the safety and health of your dog. When you pick a small dog bark collar or a big dog classic model, you have to think about numerous factors, but the size is the first thing to pay attention to. It can’t slip over or suffocate the dog.

You have to consider the age of your dog because puppies grow fast and the collar may get useless in a few months. An adjustable collar is the best option for any breed and any age.

How to Determine the Size

Choose the Right Dog CollarYou have to find out the size of your dog’s neck before you buy any collar. You can do it in two different ways based on the tools you have with you. Here are they:

Measuring tape. This is the easiest option. Just decide where exactly you want to place the collar and measure the neck’s diameter there. Usually, it is a place only a few inches lower than the head. Once you wrap the tape around the neck, put one or two fingers under the measuring tape so that your dog can breathe easily;

Ruler and a string. If you don’t have a measuring tape at your house, don’t worry. You can use a simple ruler. All you need to do is to wrap the string around the dog’s neck at the place where you’ll wear the collar. Put two fingers under it, as well, to make sure that the collar is not too tight. Now measure the string with a ruler.

Adjustable Collars

Not every collar is adjustable. It is highly important to pay attention to this detail. Even though you’ve measured your dog’s neck properly, the size might change with time. The most suitable option is to find the adjustable length range for the collar. If your dog’s neck is 14 inches, the best option is to order an 11-16 inches collar.

However, if your dog is still a puppy and you know that it will grow in no time, you can order 14-20 inches in length. Here are the basic measurements:

Collar with Buckle

You can purchase the open end collar that usually closes like a belt. The buckle must not be too heavy and has to serve as a fixator of the collar. Before you order such a collar, make sure that you go with the nearest length range. If your pet’s neck is 19 inches, pick 18-21 inch length.

A collar with a buckle usually has up to 4 holes in it to help you fixate the model properly on the dog. Try to pick the right hole when you wear a collar on your dog.


Large dogs require wider collars, while small dogs would find wide collars too heavy for them. The collar must not be too narrow either, as it may cause discomfort and even hurt your pet. You have to make sure that your dog feels comfortable wearing the collar.

The Question of Fur

This aspect is easy to forget, yet it is quite important when you pick an ideal collar for your dog. Depending on the length of the fur, you may need to search for a specific model. If your dog has long hair, you have to measure the neck after you visit the groomer. But don’t forget that the fur will grow again.

Compare the measures with the ones you’ve made before grooming. This difference must still be calculated in advance. Keep in mind that you still have to add up to 3 inches to not choke your pet. Make sure that the collar can be adjustable for your dog with both, short “haircut” and a long one.

Age Matters

The collar of a small puppy has a different length and width than the collar of an adult dog. If you are an owner of the breed that grows visibly, you have to make sure that the collar is adjustable. You have to check width and if you notice that your puppy outgrew the collar, change it into a more suitable model.

Extra Feature – Material

Choose the Right Dog CollarDon’t forget about the material, while you pick the right size of the collar. Material for the dog collar must not be only durable, but it must be suitable for your dog. If your dog has an allergy to something, you better double-check that before you buy a collar. There are lots of materials offered on the market and you can choose anything you want. Each of them has its own specifics:


Happy Dog Happy Owner

If you want to make the life of your pet comfortable, think about the most suitable collars. Only after finding the most comfortable length and width, you can choose such extra features, as waterproof, neon lights, and bark-resistant models. Make sure your dog neither suffocates nor can take the collar off easily.

Follow simple recommendations from the article and pick the most appropriate model. You may share your thoughts on the best collars in the comments below.


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