Best clippers for dogs with thick coats

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Best clippers for dogs with thick coats
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While we have hair, our furry friends have fur. Fur grows on the inner layer of a dog’s skin, and it helps dogs regulate their temperatures. Dogs with thick fur tend to grow several hairs in a single hair follicle basically because such dogs live in cold regions.

During summer, it gets difficult for such breeds to regulate the temperature and stay comfortable.  Hence, it is upon you as the pet parent to render a helping hand by clipping your dog’s fur so that he can stay cool during such temperatures.

While taking your dog to a pet salon is an option, regular trips to a pet groomer can cost you a dime, the reason you will make a great choice by deciding to buy clippers for dogs with thick hair. Having in mind that clippers are not made equally, we narrowed down to the best clippers for dogs with thick hair.

Have a look and also read through the provided buyer’s guide so that you can get the idea of the features that matter when selecting dog clippers. That way, you can rest assured to get a pair of clippers that will work to meet your user needs.

10 Best clippers for dogs with thick coats

1. Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers

Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Electric Quiet Hair Clippers Set

Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers

Make pet grooming easy with the Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers. The clippers integrate an upgraded stainless steel fixed blade and a ceramic moving blade. These blades stay sharp for a long time enabling the clipper to deliver an excellent cutting performance.  What’s more, is that the blades are detachable. This design makes changing and cleaning them quite easy to guarantee a great user experience.

The shaver derives its power from a built-in lithium-ion battery. The battery is rechargeable where you can use the shaver to shave using the built-in battery or when it is charging. Adding to that, it features a low vibration and ultra-quiet design. In this regard, it works at 50dbs which assures you that it can make the pet feel at ease so that you can have a great time trimming its hair.

You can get the Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers as the answer to best dog clippers for thick hair since they come in a package that includes stainless steel scissors. The scissors come in handy where you should use them to cut long and thick hair shorter at first. The reason is that this process helps to prevent the clippers from jamming enabling you to benefit from a long-lasting reliable performance.

Besides the stainless scissors, the Clippers’ package includes an oil bottle, a stainless steel comb, and four guide guards. The guide guards comprise 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12 mm guards so that you can choose one that will allow you to clip the hair based on the length you prefer.


  • Easy to use.
  • Battery charge lasts long.
  • Trimmer operates quietly.
  • The battery recharges fast.
  • Attachments are easy to get on and off.
  • Includes a brush that helps to clean the blades.


  • Instructions aren’t easy to understand.
  • The user needs to remove the hair between the guards frequently.
Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit

2. Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit

Quiet Heavy Duty Electric Dog Clippers For Thick, Heavy Coats

Acquire everything that is required when trimming and during full body clipping once you equip yourself with this kit. The kit consists of a comb, clippers, scissors, guide combs, and a handy storage case. The clippers comprise of high carbon steel blades that remain sharp longer eliminating the need for frequent sharpening.

Also, there is a patented power drive system. This system offers up to 30% more power than competitor products. Because of this, you can get the clippers as the answer to clippers for dogs with thick hair due to their ability to power through a thick coat comfortably and quickly.

The color-coded guide combs are another addition of the clippers. Using them, you can benefit from easy identification of the coat length. Also, there is a handy storage case. With this, you can carry the accessories wherever they are required and store them conveniently to guarantee easy organization.


  • Self-sharpening blades ensure snag-free cutting performance.
  • Adjustable taper lever allows for customized cutting lengths.
  • Clippers work quietly.
  • Powerful enough to cut fast through thick hair.
  • Blades replace with a lot of ease.
  • Long cord ensures easy maneuverability.


  • Clippers are quite heavy.
  • Guides do not go through uncombed hair.

3. Bousnic Dog Grooming Clippers Kit

Professional Rechargeable Clippers for Small, Medium, Large Dogs

Bousnic Dog Grooming Clippers Kit

Do you want to groom your anxious pet? Well, why spend a fortune in a pet salon while the Bousnic Dog Clippers kit is here to offer a helping hand? As one of the top-rated dog clippers, this is an excellent quiet-running pair of clippers that cuts through the hair without pulling the coat.

The clippers adopt a low noise level which is less than 50db. Because of this, you can be sure that your pet won’t get scared which allows you to trim its coat fast and with a lot of ease. Asides from that, the Clippers include 2-speed and ultra-sharp blades. These blades stay sharp for long enabling you to cut short or thick hair fast and effectively.

Bousnic Dog Clippers derive their power from a built-in 2200mAh Li-ion battery. You can charge the battery using a USB cable plugged from a power bank, laptop or phone adapter. The battery requires 3hours to charge fully and offers up to 300-minutes of runtime after a full charge.

Once you get these clippers, you can expect to receive stainless steel scissors, a cleaning brush, USB cable, comb, oil bottle, and four guide combs. Before trimming long and thick coats, be sure to use the scissors to trim the hair to avoid the frequent jamming of the clippers.


  • The digital battery indicator lets you know when the battery is fully charged.
  • Ergonomic design allows you to groom hard-to-reach areas.
  • Cordless design enhances easy maneuverability when clipping the fur.
  • The machine operates quietly.
  • It doesn’t overheat during use.
  • Long lasting battery power.


  • Curly hair gets caught in the guard frequently.
  • Instructions are written in a tiny print.
Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Clipper

4. Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Clipper

Ideal to clip, trim, and groom fine to medium animal hair and fur for dogs

Another great choice from Wahl is the Professional Animal’s Deluxe Grooming Kit. Whether you want the best dog grooming clippers for Spaniels, Labradors, Maltese, Shih Tzus, or Cavaliers, you can be sure that the Clippers will be up for the challenge. Besides clipping, the kit can help you with trimming and grooming of the ears, face, and paws.

Some of the products included in this kit comprise of seven color-coded guide combs, an adjustable standard blade, black finishing comb, stainless steel scissors, red blade guard, apron, instructions book, blade oil, and a “how-to” DVD.

The clippers derive their power from a powerful motor that rotates at speeds of up to 7200 strokes per minute. Because of that, you can be sure to clip long and thick hair fast and easily. Another addition of the clipper is its easy-to-handle design. The reason is its compact and lightweight design where it measures 6.5″ x 2″ and weighs 1 pound.


  • The clipper remains cool while shaving.
  • It operates quietly.
  • 8-foot cord enhances a greater reach.
  • Blade adjusts easily between cut lengths of 30, 15, and 10.
  • Adjustable blades are made using steel to guarantee long-lasting performance.
  • Plenty of directions enhance ease of use.


  • Blades require frequent oiling.
  • Clippers aren’t designed for outlets outside the United States.
  • Instructions manual print is too tiny.

5. Bojafa Dog Grooming Clippers Kit

Cordless Professional Low Noise Pet Clippers

Bojafa Dog Grooming Clippers Kit

Are you a pet parent looking forward to making home grooming an easy task? If yes, I recommend that you take advantage of the Bojafa Dog Grooming Clippers. As one of the best professional dog clippers, this shaver features a precision motor. The motor adopts a special denoise technology that helps it to reduce the noise level below 60db. As a result, you can be sure to help your pet feel safe and not afraid when cutting the hair.

Another advantage of the Bojafa Clippers is its high-quality titanium and ceramic blades. The blades remain sharp enabling the Clippers to deliver excellent cutting performance while protecting the shaver from getting hot after working for long.

The clipper comes in a kit that comprises four adjusting and detachable combs, stainless steel scissors, AC power adapter, extra battery, dog nail clipper, nail file, cleaning brush, and a user manual. This makes the kit a perfect choice for a person looking for a complete pet grooming kit.

On a full charge, the Clippers can deliver up to 70 minutes of clipping. To make things even better, it comes with an extra backup battery. This means that you can use one battery while charging the other. Because of this, you can get the clippers without a doubt of getting the best clippers for professional use.


  • Detachable blades enhance easy replacement and cleaning.
  • The Clippers can work using the battery or on the charger which guarantees user convenience.
  • The combs are easy to adjust and detach.
  • Clippers operate quietly.
  • They are suitable for use with horses, rabbits, cats, among other pets.


  • The set is pretty expensive although it is worth it.
  • A little bit slow with the guards on.
  • Difficult to know when the battery is fully charged since the indicator that shows the charging status delivers one color without a change.
YiDon Cordless adjustable Pet Clippers

6. YiDon Cordless adjustable Pet Clippers

Professional Low Noise Dog Grooming kit with 8 kinds tools for Thick Coats

Do you want to deliver a professional-style pet clip from the comfort of your home? If you wish to trim dog coats, sheep, horses, or rabbits, you can be sure to deliver exceptional results with this clipper. The clipper comes in a professional pet grooming kit that comprises of four guide combs, nail file, US AC power adapter, rechargeable battery, stainless steel scissors, manual, nail clipper kit, and a cleaning brush. Because of this, they are a perfect option for users looking forward to delivering professional pet grooming results at home or at the salon.

Apart from that, the clippers feature a heavy-duty titanium and ceramic movable blade. The blade stays sharp for a long time which means that you can forget about the inconvenience pf having to sharpen the blades after each shave. You can expect to have a great time in the maintenance process of these clippers, thanks to the detachable blade design. This design enables you to remove the blades making them easy to replace and clean.

Something else that will please you about clippers is the cordless design. In this regard, you can use the clippers using a battery or in the charging state. This makes the Clippers the best clippers for dogs with thick coats since you can use them for large breeds featuring thick coats without worrying about a power breakdown.

YiDon Dog Clippers are suitable for use with anxious pets, thanks to the super quiet design.  Specifically, the clippers adopt a precision motor that delivers low noise less than 60db and low vibration. This design enables the pets to feel at ease and not afraid during the haircut.


  • Clippers are easy to use even for the first time.
  • Four guide combs allow you to pick the hair length that suits your pet.
  • Clippers support the fine-tuning functions from 0.8mm to 2mm to enhance precise and comfortable trimming.
  • Lightweight design makes the clippers easy to maneuver.


  • Scissors aren’t very sharp.
  • The battery doesn’t last longer than 45 minutes.

7. WAHL Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers

Rechargeable Low Noise/Quiet Dog Grooming Kits

WAHL Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers

Designed by one of the best hair clippers’ brands in the USA, these are one of the best choices for anyone looking for dog clippers for thick coats. The clippers derive their power from a heavy-duty lithium-powered motor. This motor delivers a lot of power to ensure uncompromised cutting performance with the flexibility of grooming your pet from ay spot.

Adding to that, the Clippers include precision, self-sharpening, snag-free, blades. These blades stay sharp for long to provide the convenience of trimming thick pet hair without the need for frequent blades’ sharpening.

Wahl dog clippers come with a lithium-ion battery that charges for 15 minutes and offers a run time for up to 2 hours. Asides from the battery, the clippers come with color guide combs that make it easy for you to select the final coat length, scissors, and a comb.


  • Clipper operates quietly.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Battery maintains its charge for long.
  • Clippers glide through long and thick hair like butter.
  • Wide razor enhances faster grooming.
  • A carrying case makes the clippers easy to carry and store.


  • Clippers aren’t compatible with universal power outlets.
  • Quite loud and vibrates.
Sminiker Professional Low Noise Dog Clippers

8. Sminiker Professional Low Noise Dog Clippers

Professional Pet Clippers Grooming Kit

Keep your pet looking good once you adopt the Sminiker Cat and Dog Grooming kit. The kit consists of four guide combs (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm), a leveling comb, charger, scissors, nail file, among other items. The clippers are designed in such a way that they are a heavy-duty gear designed to deliver a powerful cut.

Also, they are designed to ensure safety due to the R-shaped edge design that protects them from cutting the pet’s skin accidentally. The clippers derive their power from a precision motor that features an ultra-quiet design. In fact, the clippers work at a noise level that is rated at 50dbs which means that you can make your pet feel at ease instead of feeling afraid.

Besides that, the Clippers include a titanium blade. The blade combines a ceramic movable blade to ensure efficient and reliable long-term cutting. You can expect the titanium blade to last for long without rusting which makes the Clippers a perfect choice for those that are designed to last.


  • A leveled comb helps the user trim the hair perfectly.
  • Easy to hold and use.
  • Trims the hair quietly.
  • Clippers come with a charged battery.
  • The Clippers don’t overheat.
  • The battery holds the charge for an hour or more.


  • Limited instructions.
  • The scissors were not very sharp.
  • It requires frequent lubrication but there is no oil in the package.

9. Andis ProClip AGC2 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

Professional Animal Grooming, AGC

Andis ProClip AGC2 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

The answer to the best professional dog clippers for thick hair is the Andis ProClip AGC2 clippers.  These clippers are perfect for professional use or home use to help you get professional results wherever you are.  The clippers adopt a two-speed rotary motor. This means that you can control the speed at which you are shaving enabling you to use them on thick or thin fur.

The clipper includes a 14feet heavy-duty cord to enhance easy maneuverability when shaving. What’s more, they are housed in a shatter-proof housing. Because of this, you can get them as the answer to dog clippers that are designed to last.

The clippers include an UltraEdge size 10 blade. This blade goes through exclusive hardening allowing it to stay sharp longer. Adding to that, the blade features a special chrome finish. The finish inhibits corrosion assuring you of getting a clipper that will offer years of reliable cutting performance.

Andis ProClip AGC2 clippers adopt a quiet operation making them suitable for use with sensitive animals. Also, the Clippers adopt a cool-running smart design. Because of this, it doesn’t include fans or vents which enhances reliability since the vents can become clogged with hair. A locking switch is another plus of the clippers to protect them from shutting off accidentally. Also, the clippers feature a round barrel shape making them perfect for use by those who prefer a wider grip.


  • Cool and quiet running design.
  • Detachable blades enhance ease of cleaning and changing the blades.
  • The clippers work with CeramicEdge, UltraEdge, or ShowEdge blades.
  • A superior rotating motor enables it to stay cool, unlike the magnetic motor design.
  • Easy to use and maneuver.


  • Clippers operate on the 120 voltage only.
  • Hair gets clogged on the comb.
  • Quite heavy.
Wahl Professional Animal ARCO Pet Clipper

10. Wahl Professional Animal ARCO Pet Clipper

The 5-in-1 fine blade adjusts between sizes 9, 10, 15, 30, and 40

Have you been finding it difficult to trim the hard-to-reach spots of your pets? Whether you want to trim the ears, paws, or the face, the Wahl Professional clipper kit is designed to offer a helping hand. The clipper features a 5-in-1 fine blade that adjusts between the sizes 9, 10, 15, 30, and 40. Because of this, you can use it for a variety of cutting lengths.

Another feature that makes this Clipper a great choice for anyone in need of the best dog clippers is its cordless design. In this regard, the clipper comes with two drop-in NiMH rechargeable battery packs. Each of the pack offers an 80-minute cordless runtime and a 75 minutes charge time. This means that you can use one battery to shave while the other is charging for continuous all-day clipping.

The clipper is easy to maintain, thanks to the no-maintenance motor and the easy-to-clean design.  You can get the clipper for use with small and medium-sized dogs; for trimming and touch-up on the fetlocks, muzzle, Bridlepath, or ears, on horses; and for trimming and show cuts on cattle, goats, or pigs.

Besides getting the clipper and batteries when you opt for this product, other products you can expect to get is a soft storage case, four plastic attachment guide combs, 5-in-1 fine blade set, blade oil, charging stand, charger, cleaning brush, and an instructions book.


  • Slim and lightweight design helps to reduce wrist fatigue.
  • Super-quiet design.
  • Durable and easy to use.
  • Clippers do not need a cord when operating.
  • Blades stay cool and sharp for a long time.
  • The clipper comes with a storage bag.


  • The plastic tab on the batteries can break, so the clipper needs to be well-taken care of.
  • Need to be cleaned constantly when shaving thick hair.

How to choose the best clippers for dogs with thick coats

Once you have decided to buy clippers for dogs with thick hair, how do you ensure that you make the right choice and buy clippers that will be leaving you smiling instead of frowning after using them?

Below is a guide that will let you know where to put much concentration while choosing among the different models. Therefore, keep these features in mind so that you can make the right decision when trying the pick a clipper among the different options.

1. Motor’s speed and cutting power

The first tip of selecting top-rated dog clippers lies on considering the motor’s power and speed. In fact, the motor’s power is what that lets you move smoothly when clipping thick coats or knots. So, have a look at the Rotations per Minute (RPM) which is a figure that lets you know the number of times the motor rotates in a single minute.

If you want to cut through matted and coarse coats, get powerful clippers, and these should be the ones that provide a lot of power and high rotations per minute. However, get to know that such clippers generate a lot of noise, more vibrations, and high heat. So, if you are dealing with an anxious pet, look for clippers that offer the right balance between the power and speed as well as the noise, heat and vibrations level.

2. Size and weight

Another point to keep in mind when buying clippers for dogs with thick hair is their size and weight. After all, these play a crucial part in determining whether you will enjoy shaving for long durations or not. If you are going to be using the clippers for a long duration in a day, you will want to go for light and compact clippers. The reason is that such a design is easy to hold and maneuver which help you avoid wrist fatigue. However, if you do not want to be using the clippers for a long duration, heavier clippers might be the best choice since these do not let you feel a lot of vibration, more importantly, when shaving at the highest speed.

3. Blade versatility

Some dog clippers use interchangeable blades while others use blades that are specially designed for that brand. So, which type of clipper do you prefer based on the type of blade they adopt? Although the clippers that use interchangeable blades seem to be a good option, it doesn’t mean that those that use specially-designed blades are a bad option. However, when buying those that use one type of blade, be sure to get a clipper that comes with several blades during the purchase, having in mind that you will be required to be changing them in a regular basis to maintain the quality of the cut.

4. Guide Combs

So, does the clipper you are about to purchase come with guide combs? You might be wondering why these combs are essential, but if you are a beginner, you will find a lot of peace using them. Guide combs help you cut the hair to various lengths while protecting you from cutting too much of it. In fact, you can clip the hair at specific lengths while using a guide comb which means achieving professional results when using one. Also, guide combs protect the blade from reaching the skin, thereby, protecting you from tearing it. So, if your package doesn’t include a set of guide combs, getting these separately is a great option.

5. Blade Sharpening

The best dog clippers for heavy coats should include self-sharpening blades. After all, no one has the time to deal with dull blades when clipping thick fur. So, if you are concerned with ensuring the blade sharpness, opt for clippers that include self-sharpening blades.

6. Safety Features

Dog clippers for dogs with thick coats should be safe to use. After all, you do not want to cut the pet’s skin or your skin when clipping. In this regard, get clippers that include safety features such as guards that help you clip the dog’s fur without cutting the skin. Also, opt for a model that includes a locking switch since this protects the clippers from operating accidentally during storage.


Types of dog clippers

Once you have settled for the features that the top rated dog clippers should include, it is now time to look for a model type that will match your needs. In this regard, consider these types of dog clippers.

1. Quiet and low-Vibration clippers

Are you dealing with a dog who is usually sensitive to grooming? If that is the case, quiet and low-vibration clippers are designed for you. These clippers deliver low noise and little amount of vibration so that the vibration or noise do not bother you or the dog while clipping. On top of that, low-vibration clippers have lower-heat emission which further enhances comfort to the user and pet.

Therefore, if you are looking for a dog clipper that will help you achieve professional results within a short time, opt for quiet and low-vibration clippers since they can make the dog more cooperative while grooming which means fast and professional clipping results.

2. Corded dog clippers

Corded clippers are clippers with an electrical cord. These clippers require a source of power in which you should plug them into. The main advantage of these clippers is that you do not have to wait for them to recharge which makes them a preferred option for professional groomers who spend a lot of hours clipping.

However, their corded design tends to limit maneuverability especially when you are dealing with a nervous dog who moves around quite often. Also, the contact of the cord tends to increase nervousness which can make the clipping process quite challenging.

3. Cordless dog clippers

Cordless clippers do not have a power cord like the corded models. The clippers operate on rechargeable batteries which makes them a great choice for groomers who want to clip their dogs from any location. The only challenge that results from using this model is that the battery can run low, and without a backup option, you might be required to stop at whatever progress you had made.

To avoid such inconvenience, opt for a cordless model that can operate when plugged into a power outlet when the battery run low. Besides that, you can get a model that comes with at least two batteries so that you can use one while the other one is charging.

4. Single-speed dog clippers

As the name suggests, these clippers include a motor that allows the blade to rotate at a single speed. Therefore, you can’t make the blade to move faster or slower. For those looking for clippers that will deliver a quick shear for the summer heat, this is a great option.

Also, the single-speed clippers are a perfect option for those who do not want a clipper with high chances of overheating since the motor and blades don’t heat up as much as the variable speed dog clippers. The Clippers are also cheaper than the variable-speed models making them suitable for people on a limited budget.

5. Variable-speed dog clippers

Variable-speed dog clippers are the exact opposite of the single-speed dog clippers. These models support different speeds where you can opt for the two-speed dog clippers or those that boast up to five speeds. The lower speed is usually suited for dogs with fine coats while the high speed is suitable for dogs with thick coats.

The only drawback associated with this type of model is that it tends to overheat while the extra weight tends to cause fatigue on the hands and wrists. However, the Clippers allow you to benefit from versatility which makes them suitable for professional use.

6. Professional dog clippers

Are you a professional, looking for the best professional dog clippers? Professional dog groomers spent a lot of hours each day with dog clippers which means that you must be ready to get a pair of clippers that will deliver the best user experience such as clippers designed for professionals.

Although professional dog clippers come at a higher price range than the other types of clippers, these models include a range of features such as high rotation speeds, quiet and cooling elements, and variable speeds.

Also, this kind of clippers supports the corded and cordless design to prevent you from skipping a grooming task because of a low battery. So, if you are looking for professional grooming clippers, be ready to spend more than the amount spent on the average dog clippers for better features.



Why should I buy dog Clippers?

Clippers are highly beneficial for dogs with long, silky, and curly coat. They can reduce shedding and keep coats looking good throughout the year. Besides using them on dogs with long and thick coast, dog clippers are suitable for dogs with combination, smooth, and double coats.

Are dog clippers similar to human clippers?

No. Dog clippers are designed with dogs in mind which means that they operate quietly and with low vibration to protect them from making dogs nervous. Adding to that, these clippers are designed in such a way that they don’t overheat. The reason is to protect dogs from burns since their skin is more sensitive than that of humans.

Do I have to sharpen my dog clipper blades?

Yes, clipper blades require regular sharpening. Besides that, they need regular oiling regardless of the brand since this enables them to maintain their performance for long. If you want to reduce the number of times you should sharpen the blades, opt for titanium or ceramic blades since these stay sharper longer.

Why do dog clippers get hot?

Clippers get hot because of having motors that rotate more times per minute. Also, the fact that clipper blades touch themselves while cutting causes heat to form. If you are after getting clippers that don’t get hot, opt for ones that feature a low RPM.

What are the most popular brands of professional dog clippers?

Wahl, Oster, and Andis are the most popular dog clipper brands. These companies have been manufacturing hair and grooming products for years, and their clippers have helped deliver reliable performance and professional results for years.

Why aren’t my dog clippers cutting?

Several reasons cause clippers not to cut including blunt blade, a low battery, or a deficient motor. To reduce such cases, follow the routine maintenance procedures designed to keep the Clippers at their top performance since this helps to reduce chances of sailing clippers.


Final Verdict

As you can see, there are several dog clippers available for you to choose from which means that the final decision on the best clippers for dogs with thick hair lies on you.

To pick the right product, be sure to pay attention to the features that the Clippers have to offer and compare that with the features that matter to you most based in the buyer’s guide. That way, you can rest assured to buy a clipper that will satisfy your specific user needs.

As I conclude, I hope that you have enjoyed the review and that it has helped you locate a dog clipper that will work for you. In fact, I would be glad to know what you think about the reviewed products and the general review. So, kindly take advantage of the comments’ box and let me know at you think.

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